please check back February 17 for details & sign ups!


Upcoming Dates

Applications Open: February 17

Applications Close: March 3

Roster is announced: March 9

Merchant Set Up: May 8, 5-10pm

Merchant Take down, May 11, 5pm-7pm

Hours Show is Open:

Thursday May 9, 10AM – 8PM

Friday May 10, 10AM – 6PM

Saturday May 11, 9AM – 5PM






Space Size

3′x4′ / $200 (cannot be shared)

3′x6′ / $230

3'x6' + rent a table / $240

3′x8′ / $260 (only 2 available)

Add on shop / $40

Treats on ONE shelf $60 (3 avail.)

Product in a Basket $80 (4 avail.)

3′x2′ BOUTIQUE / $115 (read info first)

Outside Maker / $220+

If you choose only 1 option above, that tells us you will not be flexible. If you choose 2 options, you'll have a higher chance at getting in.


Show Guidelines

No Application Fee!

No Entrance Fee!

Free hugs + taffy!

Must read all maker rules before applying





Outside Vendors Only //// Terms & Conditions /////

We highly recommend you for sure apply to be an Outside vendor if your product at all, takes some talking about or explaining. If your product is more than $100, we really suggest you apply as an outside maker!!!

This is a great option for those makers that realllllllly want to be there to sell their products and talk to the customers. But if you'd rather sit in a lawn chair than engage people, we strongly suggest to choose an inside space and let us sell for you. So by choosing "outside vendor" you ARE physically there, selling at your space, [ENGAGING WITH THE CROWD]If you marked Outside Vendor AS WELL as an inside space, that tells us you are OK with being chosen for either. You cannot do both. But if you really want to be there and sell, make sure you only mark Outside Vendor

As an outside maker, you keep all your profits. You bring your own table(s), chairs, electrical cords, lights, POS systems. Typically only allowed to sell for one day, but if we get a cancellation, and you had requested more than one day, we'll offer it to you before the show begins. Could be 2 weeks before it starts, or two days.

You will be given a 6.5x6.5 White Mermade EZ UP and given a designated spot on the layout 1-2 weeks prior to the show. The height is about 8 feet when standing inside of it, but about 6.5 high when outside of it. See pics on our instagram for height reference when designing your space.

When the light starts to fade for sunset around 5pm, we suggest turning on your lights so our customers can see your product ! So bring some extension cords (with your name taped to it) and string up some lights or set up some lamps. Take our advice, when makers DON'T bring any lights, they're always the ones bummed out and literally missing out on the party. 


All spaces are nonrefundable, and you’ll be reminded of this when you pay your invoice. We do a LOT of advertising for your small shop, on our website and on Instagram/facebook. The fee of your outside space is very small if you think about all of the eyes online and clicking your shop, and shopping later. Even if you find a replacement for your shop, it will be more work for us to educate that maker on the process and deal with the payment.

*If it rains, (not southern california mist, more like an actual storm & high winds) longer than one hour, before 1pm, and you choose to leave, we will reimburse you half of what you paid for that day. IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP AT ALL BECAUSE OF RAIN OR CHANCES OF RAIN, WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU. Bottom line: you must show up! 

If a rain storm causes us to cancel the outside portion of the market, we will either move your shop to a sunnier day, or move you to the next show without any fuss. No full refunds. If you are not able to go to a different day or the next show, we can give you a 50% refund (because we have been advertising your shop for 2+ months).

Outside makers are not allowed to sell from other shops that are currently inside or selling on a different day outside. Capish? If we see this happening, we will dock $100 from each of your booths and you won't be allowed to showcase with us in a future show.

Outside makers are not allowed to play their own music from their space.


Outside Maker Schedule: (Plan on starting to set up 90 minutes before the show starts. we typically have a line at the door and you don't want to miss out on any sales because you're still setting up.)

Dec 6: 8:30am sharp

Dec 7: 8:30am sharp

Dec 8: 7:30am sharp



We aren't against sharing a shop space with a friend, but please know that your friend needs to also apply separately, and simply put at the bottom of the application, who they want to share with. Fee is $60. Also include, that IF your friend DOES NOT get in (because their product may compete with other products we have), that you would be OK to still do the show (or not do the show)... We would rather choose a shop space that stands alone, that have a shared booth with half one product, half another... this rule goes for inside or outside makers.



It's REALLY fun to work this. Most people that work one shift, ask if they can work again or another one before it's over.

We like to hire people that can work more than 1 shift, so there is less training and more working. If you live more than 45 minutes away, ask for a shift knowing that you there may be traffic at 8am, and leave earlier than that. If you don't think you can leave at 7:30, don't ask for a shift.

This is first come, first serve only! If you put on your application that you're willing to work, we will email you in the beginning of April to set up your shift. First ones to email back, will get the shifts, until they're full. 

$8 Cash / hour OR $10 Mer-Cash (credit to shop)

You must be happy and willing to work hard!


Remember that the Holidays are quickly approaching after the show, so many are on the hunt for easy to grab gifts for parties & gifts for their loved ones. It's smart to have all ready to take home (wrapped) gifts of your products. You can have one on display so they know what's under that pretty wrapping. And try keeping these under $40! 

Custom Forms

If you are a company that focuses 70-100% on customizing products, then we recommend definitely being an "outside" seller. 

We have had makers spend the time and print out custom forms, but let us tell you, it's really rare we see anyone fill them out. Let us save you the time right now and tell you to either be an outside maker, or just don't print any out. You can always have a sign at your shop space that says something like "We do custom, see our website!".


Only doing 4 Instagram giveaways this show. If you would like to be apart it, please send a square pic of the item you will be giving away, by Nov 1. If your photo or product isn't that awesome for what we have in mind, we won't choose it. White background, natural light, simple is key! Then you will bring that item to the set up day, even if you are an outside vendor for a diff day! Please no mailing your items before hand. If you want us to do a giveaway JUST about your item/shop, the retail MUST be more than $100 and you must give us a choice of a few different items to post.


Your vendor ID will be issued to you when accepted to the market. Then, 2-3 weeks before the show, we let you know how to label your products + make sure that each product you want to sell, is actually in fact, labeled, so we can enter it into the Mermade register.

(ie MM01 $15)

Please have every single item clearly marked with a price and your vendor ID. Please make sure they are large enough to be seen quickly at the registers. 

Do NOT have your tag larger than your item you're selling. It never looks good and can be awkward.

Please affix tags neatly and professionally, so they stay put and we can be sure to give you credit for every single sale. If your price isn’t on tag, and there is a line of shoppers, we will have to guess what the price is based on your other items.


We are starting to penalize vendors that don't have products marked or in our system. If you forget a price point on your inventory list or you come one night and add a new product and forget to tell us to add it to the system, we will charge you $50.


Jewelry Makers

You must NOT sell your items inside plastic bags.. it looks and feels tacky. Intentions are good, but sales show us that people steer clear of them. However, you MUST provide the customer with some sort of take-home box/baggie to bring with them at the registers. If you do not, we will take $20 off your final sales because we will end up having to provide them. They can't throw in their fragile necklace that will get tangled up in the other merchandise they buy. Moral of the story: LEAVE BAGS OR BOXES FOR THEM AT YOUR SHOP SPACE.


Upon your acceptance, we will send you postcards to share with family, friends, etc. as well as versions to email or post online. Be sure to leverage social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, websites and blogs. The more people that know of the show, the more that will come see your awesomeness. Also, be sure not to advertise too soon or else they will forget or get sick of hearing about it by the time the show starts. 1 month prior is a great go-to.


We do our best to keep your items safe. However, in the event that something goes missing or is broken, we cannot be held responsible. We will have after hours security, and we also monitor the venue during open hours with staff/cameras. Our staff walk the floor constantly with big tags on their shirts.

Costs & Fees

It's FREE to apply! It's also FREE to come shop!

Shop space fees are due no later than 36 hours of being accepted. If you do not pay, we will have give your slot to another willing maker.

No Refunds on payments made.

We take 20% of your gross sales if you're an inside maker.

Outside makers keep 100% of sales you make on the day you sell.

Inside makers: If you’d like to share a table, one maker must pay the initial vendor fee with the additional $40 fee. We will only issue your group a single Maker ID and a single check at the end of the show, so you will be responsible for divvying up your earnings. This will be important to note when you tag your items.

We send your payment 10-20 calendar days starting the day after the show is over. We send using PayPal only. If you don't have an account, sign up  before you apply!


We used to set up for you out-of-town vendors, but then it became more hectic than we thought and we couldn't make your booth space as beautiful as you would have done yourself. If you're dying to be in the show, get a friend that lives nearby to set it up for you!


This will be our 2nd time doing this. Our first was our Spring show 2018 and it was a HIT. Not only did we get the spaces filled IN THE SAME DAY AS ANNOUNCING THIS, but the four that did showcase, had great numbers and were so talented!!

You must be 6-14 years old, with a passion for creating & selling! We will have a portion of our INSIDE market, just for you & a few others. We will only showcase 3-6, depending on variety, quality & size of product in the applications . We don't expect you to bring a table but depending on your product, you may need to bring a shelf or basket.

Fee is $25, nonrefundable. Venmo/paypal is our form of payment. We will still collect 20% of each sale just like our regular vendors. We will send your payment 10-12 business days post show.

We do not expect an instagram/website/etsy to be set up for our JR.s, so please email us after your application, with finished photos of your finished products, and how much you expect to sell them for. (SUBJECT: JR. MAKER PICS for _____ <--- your shop name or name, here.) 

Set up time is Wednesday, Dec 5, at 5pm. Same time as the rest. Take down time is Dec 8, at 5pm sharp. 

We want to make this a great experience for you, so we will help you out along the way to make sure you have enough inventory/not too much inventory, and tag them correctly with your special code. 

Applications close September 24 12am so make sure to get em in!!! 

QUICK NOTE! You will not receive an application confirmation! Just know that we got it! <3