Meet the Maker: Green Pear Organics

Meet Green Pear Organics! Showcasing at our next show, outside on May 10!


Curated by 2 sisters, Onya and Sada believe in using only the best clean, natural, & pure products in the home and on the body. We are inspired by their business model and the earth-happy household products they offer to our local community so we wanted to get to know them a bit better and share our convo with you! Read more...

Q: Why did you create Green Pear Organics?  

A: We have two driving forces — personal health and the environment — and we believe they go hand-in-hand. Taking care of yourself IS taking care of the planet and vice versa. As an example, toxins have incredibly negative effects on our environment just as they do in our bodies. We are passionate about educating and sharing with others what we’ve learned on our health and eco journey and Green Pear is the perfect vehicle for this. We introduce people to easy changes, we make it as simple and as friendly as possible to go green!

Q: If someone was just starting to ‘Go Green’, what would be your number one tip to get them started?

A: Pay attention, you are your own best advocate. Learn what is in the products you are using and recognize how they are packaged —and make better decisions. Our choices and our actions can create change.

Make a commitment, even if it’s to ONE thing. We often suggest starting with laundry. It’s an easy change…and it drastically affects both health and planet. Ditch single-use plastic at every opportunity— say NO to a straw or plastic bags at the grocery store. Don’t be afraid to be inconvenienced.

Q: You own your business. What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?

A: For us, being eco-friendly and health-aware started with our grandmothers. They were both strong, independent entrepreneurial women who taught us the old school way of doing things. We love that Green Pear Organics is a way of honoring them while embracing the entrepreneurial spirit AND spreading the green love!

Q: Who or What is saving your life these days? (Ex: coffee, book, a friend?)

A: The current attention being given to living minimally and sustainably and going zero waste and plastic-free. It’s wonderful to see. It FUELS us because the more people that recognize and embrace an eco-life the greater and the faster change will come.


Onya and Sada will be launching a Green Pear Organic Laundry Tonic for the very first time at Mermade! Made from pure organic essential oils,with 4 different scents to choose from. These 2 are inventive, smart, and a lot of fun!

We can’t wait for you to meet them on Friday, May 9th! Checkout @GreenPearOrganics on Instagram to follow along and enter their Earth Day Giveaway.


Friday Favorite: Barre3 in San Clemente

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 3.11.34 PM.png

Barre 3 is team member Beth’s special place. The vibes are incredible and not your typical gym or class. It’s also not something that you can predict what it’s like or who it’s for.. until of course, you go and see for yourself. It’s cardio/pilates/barre and a lot of meditation! Nicki and Jessica are the owners and such awesome friendly and authentic boss babes. No egos and all the kinds of kinds are welcome and working out at that place!

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 3.14.31 PM.png

To go along with this post, we are announcing a Mermade exclusive (free) class at their San Clemente location! Hosted by owner Nicki. Mark you calendars for April 29 @ 5:45pm and reserve your spot by clicking this link. Only 29 seats available so get em before they’re gone! They will be doing a special raffle & some refreshments when the class is done! It will be a great time because it’s only for Mermade fans. So text your shopping buddy immediately so you can have this experience together. Side note: If you are a regular customer there already, plus a Mermade fan, shoot us an email @ to make sure we will allow you on the list.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 3.12.42 PM.png

If you’d like to be a future sponsor with one of our shows, let us know with subject line: FUTURE SPONSOR to beth @

Friday Favorite: Malibu Farms

If you ever find yourself driving past santa monica on the 1, and you happen to be hungry, then you MUST stop & try Malibu Farms. It is such a magical little spot to eat at (fresh & organic, local). We ate there, our 2nd time this last weekend and it was just as good as the first time we did! It sits on this olllllld pier, over looking Surfrider surf spot. Behind me in this photo is the cafe at Malibu Farms. They serve delicious breakfast & lunch! Once I got the fried egg/arugula/smoked salmon combo and then this time, I got the Surfers Rancheros, and it was nothing short of delightful! I’ve seen the swedish mini pancakes, and those look killer too. They even have crunchy ice for your water.

Tip: You can get free parking if you park on PCH but it’s a bit of a walk. You can park to the right (above those rocks) for $5 every half hour/$15 max. There is a restaurant that serves dinner, at the entry of the pier (2nd pic) that I am sure is just as delicious! But definitely try the end of the pier one first! Great staff, great food & great ambiance.

Tip: Bring extra money to shop directly across the way!