The first ever Mermade blog post.

It’s a little daunting. Creating a blog post to start the blog off. There’s SO MANY BLOGS OUT THERE. Before Mermade was created, I was a wedding photographer.. that also photographed families, babies, births, engagements… and I blogged all. the. time. Then instagram happened and slowly our personal & photography blog took a back seat. Then Mermade happened! Now here we are. Realizing that this is what the people want and this is where the people are. Here I am below… actually at Mermade with my Mila Jo and my oldest son Finn.

We started Mermade back in 2014 when we were pregnant with our 2nd. Living in Dana Point, I felt a need for some community building, in the way of makers and starters. I remember laying out at Doheny after a morning surf (before we even had kids), and figuring out that my future market would be called “Mermaid Market”. I’m not obsessed with Mermaids, just made sense at the time.. something oceany. .not cheesy though. And then when I told Drew about it, he IMMEDIATELY said it should be spelled MADE at the end. Done. Then we needed a location. Took a long time, like 2 years to stumble upon it. We were on a walk with our newly 1 year old Finn, and our dog (In February 2014). We stopped at the farmers market, grabbed our normal gluten free banana bread.. then kept walking because it was a nice day. Then BOOM. The community center was in front our faces and I told him that even growing up there, I had no idea it existed!!! We saw the realtor’s info and before we even called him, we knew this is where it would begin. This coming Spring 2019 will mark our 10th show!

Pic of us walking through it for the first time! My little one year old on the right.

Pic of us walking through it for the first time! My little one year old on the right.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.37.27 PM.png

First pic of our beautiful building! It’s too quaint to ever leave this one.

So here’s to hoping this blog can become something more organic and it keeps building. We love our community of makers & starters and our customers are nothing short of amazing. Like we would be no where without them. This blog can help serve everyone! And serve as a place to announce big things like new shows & workshops & how-to’s! And soon, “Meet the Makers” posts to see who is behind some of the beautiful shops you shop from.

Post by Elise