Dana Point Food

Image of Doheny by  Riley Starr

Image of Doheny by Riley Starr

We get asked allllll the time, what to eat in Dana Point. Not only when the market is happening, but whenever! People know I grew up there, but also the market is home to Dana Point so it helps to know!


Stacks: On PCH, usually a wait but worth it. Their variety or syrups & wide variety of breakfast items keeps us coming back for more.

What a Dish: This place is DELICIOUS. Sit down restaurant/waiter. I’ve only been for a late breakfast but everything I’ve had was to die for. It’s close to the harbor and has a cozy & sunny vibe. I think their restaurant is half their business and their catering is the rest of their business.


Lupe’s: Semi-new Mexican, always a line out the door and sooo much flavor. Come hungry. Leave satisfied! Can’t go wrong with any of the meats. If you’re at doheny, it’s straight back inland about 3/4 a mile. You pay & sit down & wait for your number.

Schwack: This is by far our go-to favorite place. Been going since it opened up. You MUST try the fish tacos with a side of schwack sauce & less pico (unless you like the spice, it’s very spicy with the full pico). Oh and you have to order the “Spuds”. It’s fried potatoes with a side of jalapeno dressing. On PCH. You pay & sit down with a number they bring to your table.

A’s Burgers: Classic Dana Point after surf stop. Enough grease to satisfy that hard physical labor you just did all day.


Coastal Kitchen: This place is soooooo good. Fish, steak, tacos, vegetarian, salads.. And has beautiful vibes all around.. feels like what I would imagine the hamptons would feel like. East Coast classy beach vibes. Actually really similar to the Key West in Florida! Perfect for a date night. A little bit more spendy but you pay for the delicious food and pretty vibes. Waiter style.

Gen Kai: Sushi sushi sushi! My very first place I ever tried sushi. Worth every second of it. Very authentic Japanese sushi. Not that super clean sterile hip sushi places you see pop up where the sushi isn’t even that good. Oh…you gotta try the ice cream at the end! Waiter style.