Friday Favorite: Serve Sunshine [Recipe]

You know when you find an Instagram that you feel like everyone should know about, but you know that people might take it that seriously because there’s SO. MANY. INSTAGRAMS THAT ARE ALL SO GOOD. Well, this one is exceptional. Amy Carlston of Serve Sunshine offers you tips & recipes for some really delicious food. And she’s a photographer so it helps because your eyes can see beautiful food, in beautiful light. Below is a very popular recipe of a Cornflake Marshmallow Cookie that you must try!

cornflake marshmallow cookies⁣
(makes 13 large cookies)⁣

step 1 - make the cornflake crunch:⁣
lightly crush 5c cornflakes, then toss with 1/2c milk powder + 3tbs sugar + 3/4 tsp salt + 9 tbs melted kerrygold salted butter (costco!). bake at 275 for 15-20 min, stirring halfway through, until light golden.⁣ let cool.

step 2 - mix dry ingredients: whisk together 4c flour + 1 tsp cornstarch + 1.25 tsp baking soda + 1.5 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp salt (or 1.25 tsp kosher salt).⁣

step 3 - cream 1.5c kerrygold salted butter + 1.25c brown sugar + [1c + 2 tbs] sugar in kitchenaid until light & fluffy, ~5 min. then add 2 eggs + 2 tsp vanilla, mixing after each addition. turn mixer to lowest setting & slowly add dry ingredients until just barely mixed. then add 3.5c cornflake crunch + 1c ghiradelli mini choc chips + 1c mini marshmallows + 1c marshmallow bits.⁣

step 4 - scoop cookies onto baking sheet & place in fridge. i use a food scale & measure each one to ~135g, then stick a few more mini marshmallows on top. place in fridge for 2-48 hours. move the cookies to an airtight container once they have firmed up if you aren’t baking soon.⁣

step 5 - bake on a silpat at 350 for 12-14 min, until golden on top but still underbaked in middle. let sit on cookie sheet for 10 min before moving to cooling rack.


Go give her a follow and get in on the goods. HOT Tip: Order your marshmallow bits online if you live near San Clemente, because it’s always out of stock! Because of Amy! :)