Friday Favorite: Barre3 in San Clemente

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Barre 3 is team member Beth’s special place. The vibes are incredible and not your typical gym or class. It’s also not something that you can predict what it’s like or who it’s for.. until of course, you go and see for yourself. It’s cardio/pilates/barre and a lot of meditation! Nicki and Jessica are the owners and such awesome friendly and authentic boss babes. No egos and all the kinds of kinds are welcome and working out at that place!

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To go along with this post, we are announcing a Mermade exclusive (free) class at their San Clemente location! Hosted by owner Nicki. Mark you calendars for April 29 @ 5:45pm and reserve your spot by clicking this link. Only 29 seats available so get em before they’re gone! They will be doing a special raffle & some refreshments when the class is done! It will be a great time because it’s only for Mermade fans. So text your shopping buddy immediately so you can have this experience together. Side note: If you are a regular customer there already, plus a Mermade fan, shoot us an email @ to make sure we will allow you on the list.

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If you’d like to be a future sponsor with one of our shows, let us know with subject line: FUTURE SPONSOR to beth @