What is Mermade Market?

Mermade Market is a  3-day, free, heavily curated, fresh, twice a year- show. We are located above the Harbor in Dana Point. We have 95% of our vendors inside an old church building that's been vacant for 30 years and just reopened it a couple years ago! Much different than shows around here So. Cal, we are a central checkout show..shoppers come in, grab a basket (and some taffy for kicks), and shop without the vendors there. Our customers really love this because they can shop as they please. Our vendors find that they love it too because they don't have to be sales people for 3 days and can also have their lives! We have a few outside vendors as well- those that just can't part from their goods for a couple of days. While the food trucks and live music are goin on outside, we also have great tunes playin on the inside. 

Who is the Mermade Team?

We are a husband and wife team- but the one you'll be talking to and seeing most of the time is me-Elise! Had the idea of starting a market back in 2010 and finally had the guts to just do it in 2014, pregnant with our second boy. We live close by in Dana Point. You can find us at the beach most days with our two boys and our pup Lady. 

Free admission?

                                                             YES!!!! Come!

Are you stroller friendly?

Yes! We get asked this a lot. We know our first two days are when mamas are at home with their kids. We encourage you to bring them! And carriers and treats for them if the lines are long :)

Is it easy to be a vendor? 

Our space only allows 45-60 vendors MAX before it gets too crowded. We take this as a good aspect though.. we don't want to flood our peeps with too many options! And the vendors we do accept, they must be fresh. They must scream UNIQUE and create must have items. This makes it great for our vendors because everyone ends up on the top! Like mentioned above, we are curated. We don't just let anyone that apply- in. If 10 bow makers apply, we will most likely only accept 1/10. 

Is it mandatory to be a "handmade" maker to be accepted?

Mermade Market started out this way... but we soon realized there are some pretty incredible people/shop owners out there that have created beautiful shops from the ground up.. we couldn't not showcase their goods! What the people want, the people get! We think the shop you've created, is pretty damn unique itself!

If I don't get in this time, can I get in the next?

Yes! We don't want to accept our old vendors a million times. We gotta keep it FRESH. If you weren't accepted, hopefully you were given a reason why so that you can fix it by the next time! Or it was simply because there were 40 kids shoes applications and we could literally only accept one. No hard feelings!