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It's REALLY fun to work this event! Most people that originally sign up to work just one shift, ask if they can work another shift before it’s over!


We have two “job” titles during the Event. Working the registers is one of them. There are 4 of us, ready for the crowds and for the line that builds. The other is a few working “the floor”. That job entails restocking, handing out baskets, informing new customers where the registers are or where they can find certain items.



Our customers are stoked to see a happy & helpful staff. If you feel like you get nervous or can’t deal with strangers, this may not be your gig. For the most part, our people are really thankful to have a happy face (you) to point them in the right direction… and most of them that have shopped with us in past shows, look forward to a friendly staff!!



We pay $10 “MerCash”, that’s shop credit. Trust me, you will have plenty of items you can use at the end of your shift.

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We like to hire people that can work more than 1 shift, so there is less training and more working. You must be able to work hard & think fast. And perhaps not get offended by quick demands :)

This is first come, first serve only! If you are a maker, then you have the opportunity to put on your application that you're willing to work one. If you aren’t a maker, you can still work a shift! Just let us know more about you below & we’ll be in contact with you.

We will email you in the beginning of April to set up your shift. First ones to email back, will get the shifts, until they're full. 

If you work more than 1 shift, you will get a free food truck meal ticket!! Perks!

Some of you will be on the registers, some will be walking the floor. Each entails different jobs, both are very fun

If you live more than 45 minutes away, ask for a shift knowing that you there may be traffic at 8am, and leave earlier than that. If you don't think you can leave at 7:30, don't ask for a shift.

If you work in the afternoon, there is a chance you will get sent home a tad earlier than expected.



SHIFT 1: 9:00am-2:00pm

SHIFT 2: 2:00pm-8:00pm

FRI // MAY 10

SHIFT 3: 9:40am-1:00pm

SHIFT 4: 1:00pm-6:00pm

SAT // MAY 11

SHIFT 5: 8:40am-2:00pm

SHIFT 6: 2:00pm-6:00pm

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Tell us about you! Have you been to Mermade before? Do you have retail experience? Do you like people?