What does being an “Outside Maker” mean?

Each day of our show, 25 Mermade shop tents are set up for each of you to be under. They’re amongst the gorgeous trees & the beautiful Dana Point sky! Some sit in the courtyard near our “inside” portion of the market, while others nestle by the food trucks & the front entrance. Before & after our customers shop inside, they browse these shops, while eating from the food trucks & coffee shop, listening to music and enjoying a free kids craft or waiting in line for a balloon animal. This part of the market is still, also very curated.. and we don’t let more than 2 or 3 makers in each category, showcase on the same day. Also, each day, the makers outside change, which makes for a magical experience for our customers. If you spent each day at the market, you’d see a lot of the same people coming back for more! It’s really fun. So to be clear, if you sign up for outside, choose which day fits best for your schedule! If you choose more than 1 day, that means you’re open & flexible and chances are higher you’ll get in the show. You pay a booth fee only, no percentage is taken.

How do I know if I’m a perfect candidate for outside selling?

  1. if your product at all, takes some talking about or explaining.

  2. If 50% (or more) of your products are priced more than $100

  3. You LOVE TO INTERACT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS! In fact, you thrive off of their energy and interest.

  4. If 50% (or more) of your products are custom…definitely want to be there for those discussions!

How do I know if I’m NOT a candidate for outside selling?

  1. You don’t like to talk to strangers, especially not small chat!

  2. You don’t enjoy convincing strangers to buy your products.

  3. You first reaction when selling and being in person is to check your phone nervously or hide.

This is a great option for those makers that reallllllly want to be there to sell their products and talk to the customers. But if you'd rather sit in a lawn chair than engage people, we strongly suggest to choose an inside space and let us sell for you. So by choosing "outside vendor" you ARE physically there, selling at your space, [ENGAGING WITH THE CROWD]. If you marked Outside Vendor AS WELL as an inside space, that tells us you are OK with being chosen for either. You cannot do both. But if you really want to be there and sell, make sure you only mark Outside Vendor.


le’ts make sure you can be there, before you apply!

Spring Show: MAY 9-11

Thursday, Nov 14: Set up begins @ 8:00am, doors open @ 10am, doors close 8pm

Friday, Nov 15: Set up begins @ 8:00am, doors open @ 10am, doors close 6pm

Saturday, Nov 16: Set up begins @ 7:00am doors open @ 9am, doors close 5pm



Our tents are no bigger than 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet + 7.5 tall. Not the biggest EZ Ups out there. Unfortunately, you canno


-You MUST have your shop name listed somewhere in your space. This allows our staff to quickly point a customer to your space & plus, it feels well rounded.

-Add some spring to your space! Think fresh hangings or vases with flowers in them. Perhaps flowers on the inside, bordering the EZ UP.

Here is our Pinterest board to give you some space inspiration. You know, to get those creative wheels of yours, turning in a new way than they have before. Especially if you’ve shown with us before. Gotta keep it fresh! If you are a first timer to our show (or any show), and feel you may need extra help understanding how to display, please consult with us/look at our Pinterest board. We want your booth to elevate your products and keep the customer at your table longer than a walk by.


-Your own POS System & Portable Wifi.

-Comfortable chair/stool to sit at

-A buddy to keep company or to stay at your booth while you take a break.

-Extra cash & change, we will not be able to give this to you during the show. We often run out ourselves!

-Extension cords (we can set you up with electricity) & hanging lights

-Zipties, backdrop, masking/duct tape, scissors, random tools…bring a tool box!

-Weights to go at the bottom of the EZ up & other display items, for unexpected strong wind

It is mandatory to have some sort of backdrop. It hides the background, and hides other shops.. gotta keep the customer feeling like you have a little shop space & not a thrown together area. Zip ties & tools are helpful to have when you’re setting up. Curtains with holes for zip ties are even better!

When the light starts to fade for sunset around 5pm, we suggest turning on your lights so our customers can see your product ! So bring some extension cords (with your name taped to it) and string up some lights or set up some lamps. Take our advice, when makers DON'T bring any lights, they're always the ones bummed out and literally missing out on the party.



How much inventory do we think you should bring? We aren’t quite sure since we aren’t tracking outside sales….Just know that most of the makers report that they have made better sales than any other show, and some have tripled previous sales… in just one selling day! You’d rather have more inventory than miss a sale, right? But if you can, have a place to hide your restock, or perhaps keep em tucked away in your trunk and your buddy can run to the car midday to grab it if you need it. If you a regular to shows, just pretend like it’s another show, with some extra inventory. If you want to talk to past makers about their inventory stock, click here for our facebook group, and perhaps you can send them a private message on their sales & inventory. (you have to request to be apart of the group. We accept “Requests” after you’ve been accepted into the show.)



We understand that life happens and things come up, however the amount of work done prior to the show, is tremendous. All spaces are nonrefundable, and you’ll be reminded of this when you pay your invoice. We do a LOT of advertising for your small shop, on our website and on Instagram/facebook. The fee of your outside space is very small if you think about all of the eyes online and clicking your shop, and shopping during & post show. Even if you the find a replacement for your shop, after canceling just days before the show or even a few weeks prior, will be more work for us to educate that maker on the process and deal with the payment. Please understand and accept this.


FAQ about the Outside Space..

  • Communication: Upon acceptance, our team member Beth will be in quick communication with you. She will send you our deadlines & dates to expect emails about information & details. You can email her directly: info.mermademarket@gmail.com

  • Cancelations: No refunds if you cancel! And if you wanted an extra day of selling, this is usually possibly because of last minute cancelations. It’s only half the price of your space fee.

  • MLM’s?: We do not accept MLM’s of any sort. If you want to promote your MLM with Mermade Market, you can creatively come up with a way to do it by making a product using it. We have seen in the past, some “oil MLM”s by creating bath bombs and mentioning to the customer that you helped create with your oils through a certain company. Your shop name cannot have the MLM in it’s name.

  • What if it rains?? If it rains the week leading up to the show, we will use our best judgement as to whether the show will go on (on your day) outside. We ask for flexibility and we beg that you know that we can’t control the weather! We are humans, like you, with a high understanding of how much it means to you that it must not rain on your big day. If we cancel the show because it will be too stormy for shopping outside (and for setting up your precious goods), we will give you the opportunity to automatically come to the next show, on the day you purchased. If you decide to not do the next show, we will reimburse you for 30% of your shop fee. We cannot fully reimburse you because of the amazing instagram tags & website attention we’ve sent your way. The value is too high and it’s not worth it for us. If one of our team members emails you that the show is still happening, and you choose to not come “just in case it rains”, we will not give you another day in a future show.

  • Can I cruise around and hand out freebies? While we appreciate the gorilla marketing, no :) We have placed you in your spot for a reason and don’t want to bother your selling buddies. You can definitely handout freebies at your space, and do something to serve the community like a free kids craft for our shoppers’ kiddos.

  • Outside makers are not allowed to sell from other shops that are currently inside or selling on a different day outside. Capish? If we see this happening, you won't be allowed to showcase with us in a future show. (example, you have an actual brick n mortar, and you’re selling with us outside to promote it..with all your gorgeous goodies…and notice that one of your wholesalers with you is inside with us, you are not allowed to go grab some pieces… even if they told you it was OK!)

  • Can I play my own music in my shop space? No :)

  • Which day is the busiest? They are ALL THE SAME. This is evident in our sales inside. It has evolved. Thus the same booth fee for each day.

Spring 2016, Photo by  Sarah Gizzi

Spring 2016, Photo by Sarah Gizzi


-Upon your acceptance, we will mail to you, actual postcards to share with family, friends, etc. as well as versions to email or post online. Be sure to leverage social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, websites and blogs. The more people that know of the show, the more that will come see your awesomeness. Also, be sure not to advertise too soon or else they will forget or get sick of hearing about it by the time the show starts. 1 month prior is a great go-to, with word of mouth & excitement around the time you’re accepted. It’s a curated show! It’s a great accomplishment for sure.

Social Media Marketing

We have options in our application for guarantee’d social media shout outs & giveaways if you want to get in on it. We only allow this for paid makers, and paid sponsors. We naturally and truly….really…. enjoy reposting & sharing in your excitement & your beautiful photos you post..FOR FREE, but we can’t do it for everyone. If we see it, sure, maybe we can repost it. If we don’t see it, chances are, we won’t repost or add it to our grid. If you’d like that for sure chance of it getting posted on our high traffic social media pages.. then for sure check out a way to pay for a secure spot on the application.