What a wonderful market! I've been a vendor and a customer--both experiences exceeding all expectations. Shopping the event as a customer, I get to browse the goods at my leisure with no sales pitch. It's a completely different shopping experience from other markets I've been to. I love that I can look over the item without distraction. There are always so many unique finds. I try buying for gifts, but end up keeping it all for myself! Eeek! As a vendor, the process of setting up and breaking down is clear and precise. Elise, the organizer, is extremely thorough in her directions. As an indoor vendor, I set up my booth and pick it up at the end of the show. Elise and the team restock my shelves as needed. It's seriously my most favorite show to do as a vendor!

- Kristina K., The Wilderess Founder

My family and I love coming to Mermade Market every year!!! We always find the perfect gifts and it's super fun atmosphere to shop in. They always have great live entertainment for adults and kids. The food trucks and other food vendors are always so good! Already looking forward to the markets this year!!

- Customer, Alexia P. ( From Tustin, Ca)

Mermade genuinely cares about the success of each shop. They're beyond sweet and helpful, and you get to see people love on & purchase things you've made. It's the most fulfilling experience as a maker.

- Laura H., The Helmick Hacienda Founder

I think it’s great that Mermade Market is not only accommodating to the customers but, the vendors as well. There’s entertainment for both the adults and the kids which makes it a well rounded event. The vibe of having both indoor and outdoor makers just makes it that much nicer. It’s definitely an event that I’d like to continue being a vendor/customer in the future!

-Aimee O., Twig & Roe Founder

My daughter and I look forward to our two visits to Mermade Market every year, it's become one of our favorite family  traditions. Aside from ALWAYS finding fun unique gifts, we have a great time shopping, eating and listening to the great music! Fun activities for my grandson too, he loves his time there as well!! The date of the next market is already on my calendar!!

-Customer, Leslie M. (From Mission Viejo, Ca)

Mermade Market is a market like no other. It’s a special show, and as a maker, you feel special being a part of it. Everyone involved brings their a-game, which makes you want to hustle and prepare that much better!

- Chrystal, Hunterbowtique, Founder

This was my most successful market by far! I loved being outside and connecting with customers one on one. It was helpful for me to have that interaction to gauge what really resonates with people, which isn't easy when you primarily sell online. And since I was seeing who's actually buying my work, I have a much better sense of my target demographic. Always good people and good vibes, I love everything about Mermade :)

-Megan Blanco Creative, Founder

My mother travels from Maui, HI each year and makes sure her quarterly visits align with the next Mermade Market. It is one of our most favorite mother daughter outings we even brought our youngest all wrapped up on me just two weeks after he was born bc can't miss stocking up on Christmas gifts here from all the unique and talented vendors. There are always thoughtful and fun activities for the bigger kiddos and I love that we always run into friends no matter what day we go! Can't wait for the spring market!

- Customer, Sarah L. (from LA)

Another great year at the holiday Mermade Market! This is my favorite market hands down. It is a great size and it is very well curated. I think that is why I always do well here because customers can easily walk through with their families and see every single booth and there aren’t a bunch of similar vendors for them to have to decide between. The other vendors are so nice and supportive, and I always become buddies with those working next to me. The customers are always really friendly and positive, even those who don't buy anything, they come with the sweetest words of encouragement and support, and I always end the day feeling jazzed up to continue making pottery. And finally, all of the women who put this market together are so organized and on top of everything. They really appreciate us makers and put together an amazing show both inside and outside with something for everyone.

- Sam Villasenor Ceramics, Founder

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