We have an amazing + loyal community that’s ready to rock some good vibes for the in between show dates. We get asked all of the time to alert the public when we do start to! One of the very best parts of our tribe, is they all appreciate the art of small shops + handmade goods. Now that we have the details + location, all that’s missing is YOU. We can't wait to bring the Mermade magic into a curated night of local networking + community. We only want the best (you) to represent us, and we have the platform to let you shine, off of the World Wide Web. Read below to see what the night can entail.


1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month. As of right now, we are thinking a 6-8pm time frame is a good starting point, but can be flexible for whatever the maker needs. If it takes 4 hours to really teach the attendee from start to finish, then we can do a 5-9pm workshop.. but thinking the night would be better so if they can find childcare easily. We will keep these running, and skip the weeks that land on big holidays + Mermade shows.


We are hosting each and every one in the La Ventura Event Center, in south San Clemente. The site is fairly new and they’re getting a redesign in the upcoming weeks before the Summer weddings start up. The site is mainly used for weddings, but they are super amped on adding some Mermade workshops to their calendar because it is such a beautiful and inspiring place to meet & come together. It screams for community! And they know we have quite the amazing community! The venue will be providing all of the tables & chairs & a kitchen if you needed one. Parking is free & have 80 spaces to offer. You can basically run the show however you want because they’re so accommodating. Here’s some inspiration that they have for their revamp! You can see their IG here and their website here.


When you as the maker & instructor, are finished with your workshop, you will get 50% of the ticket sales (say what!!!) because we understand that you are doing a lot of the work. We’d expect you to get all the supplies needed to make the class successful. We ourselves have been attendees to many-a-workshop so we are here for you for advice & a to-do list once we get the ball rolling. Not only do you get to network with potential new customers & other makers, but you get mula at the end, with tons of promotion before, during & after the workshop.



We are going to set the price of the ticket for your night, on a price we can both agree with. We need to make it worth it for everyone involved. The communication between the Mermade team and you as the instructor, will be clear & precise. We want our attendees to go home with a finished product. If you are instructing for example, how to make a beeswax candle, and you normally sell that for $12, what’s in it for them to not just buy it on your site? Let’s aim for a price of $60-$100 a ticket and offer them something fantastic. Your instruction & take-home knowledge should make it worth it. If you’re not teaching something that is something you sell online, that’s ok! As long as it’s within your brand, so we can market you like crazy, that’s A-OK with us.


In the very early stages of the Mermade workshops, we are inviting the instructors ourselves, to host them. And right now, that is exclusive to past Mermade Makers. But once we feel we can take it off the ground, we’ll open it up to other makers that we haven’t met or done business with yet. And for extra incentive to commit now, we will offer you $20 off your next market space with us. In the future, there will be a referral program, where each (past) Mermade maker, that refers a non-mermade shop owner, will get $50 cash sent to ya soon after the night is over! As a Mermade maker, you’ll always have the perks!


The goal for the attendee, is the bring a big part of the magic of Mermade Market, twice a month with these workshops. We want them to still get that connection + make new friends by the end of it, but also surround themselves with like-minded individuals that need something more in their life (like learning a new skill). Instead of just buying the product though, they’ll be able to make it with their own two hands and have a night to themselves.


We will be providing the snacks & beverages for the night. If a local food place wants to sponsor the night in the form of dinner, we won’t say no!



Do you feel like a rookie in this field because you’ve never done one?? Guess what, that’s ok! You gotta start somewhere right?? We are here 100% to walk you through anything you need help with and want to make it a successful night just as much as you do. Need a to-do list? We gotchu. Need a timeline to keep the ball rolling? We gotchu. Need caffeine? We gotchu.


Once we calendar a date, figure out the price + details of what you’ll be instructing, we will get you an image to promote on your own sites so that your followers can know about it! It’s in our best interest to showcase it & let our magical community know about it.


If you feel like you are ready to take this opportunity with us, email our team at, subject line: Mermade Workshops and we can calendar you in! We will ask for a $100 deposit to show your commitment. It will be refunded to you at the end of your night!