Sweat. Scrub. Soak. Repeat.

Taking good care of yourself doesn’t require leaving home with these tried & true tips! First, a good self care/spa day should include a little bit of sweat. Since we don’t all have saunas in our home, working out to WORK UP a sweat does the trick! YouTube workouts have long been my hack for skipping the gym without skimping on wellness.

Two favorites: Tone It Up and Yoga with Adriene. Both have free YouTube work outs for any mood you’re in and they never let me down!

Photo credit: Yoga with Adriene

Photo credit: Yoga with Adriene

Next, can we get three cheers for 2 step exfoliating?! We are HERE for the dry brush craze. The benefits are lovely and it feels so good. Follow up your dry brushing with this DYI body scrub and your skin will be oh so soft.

Photo credit: Goop

Photo credit: Goop

Whether you’re team tub or team shower, these additions will boost both! A eucalyptus bundle in your hot shower or a good old fashioned tub soak with some of our favorite local bath salts!

Photo credit: Ramshackle Glam

Photo credit: Ramshackle Glam

Finish your Home Spa Saturday by slathering yourself in your favorite clean skincare products and with our last two ‘not-so-secret’ favorites:

Krisin Ess Hair Mask and Laneige Lip Mask.

Photo credit: Laneige

Photo credit: Laneige

Take your self love to luxury level, all from the comfiness of your own home. XO



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