Merchant Application Closed

Applications for our upcoming show are closed. If you'd like to be considered for a future show. Please sign up to be notified when applications open for our next show.

Alternatively you can join our waitlist for our upcoming show.

Indoor Pricing

Space Size

JR Space- 3x2, shelf provided / $60

3′x4′ / $260

3′x6′ / $280

3'x6' + rent a table / $310

3′x8′ / $340

3’x12’ / $450 (1-2 makers will get this, apparel is great for this)

Treats on a shelf / $166 includes permit fee


Share an inside space: $100 add on

Request an corner/endcap: $40 add on if you get it

Rent (1) 3x6 table: $30

Outdoor Pricing

Outside Friday 10-6pm= $400

Outside Saturday 9-8pm = $550

Outside Sunday 9-5pm = $400


*Outside Endcap Request= $60 extra

Rent (1) 3x6 Table- $15

Rent (2) 3x6 Tables- $30

Two Tents (put together)= $400 total

Small Trailer/Van or Truck= $100 (add on, not using one of our tents)

Share a tent with another maker=$60 extra

Share an outside space: $100 add on

If you choose only 1 day above, that tells us you will not be flexible. If you choose 2+ days to sell, you'll have a higher chance at getting in.

Show Guidelines

No Application Fee!

No Entrance Fee!

Free hugs + taffy!

Must read all maker rules before applying.

Inside Maker Rules + Info

Outside Maker Rules + Info

Upcoming Dates

Applications Open: February 26

Applications Close: March 11 11:59pm PST

Roster is announced: March 14

Maker Set Up: May 2 @ 1pm-5pm

Maker Take Down: May 5 @ 5pm

Hours Show is Open:

Friday May 3 10AM – 6PM

Saturday May 4 9AM – 8PM

Sunday May 5 9AM – 5PM

Merchant Application FAQ

Application Information

Mermade Market is an incredibly unique show and we are more than thrilled that you are interested to be involved as an official maker. We are located in Southern Orange County, smack on top of the ocean, in the cutest beach town called Dana Point, Ca. Our home is now The Ocean Institute.

We feel we offer top notch makers alongside top notch customers. We are organized & thorough with our market prep and during the show…you will not be disappointed! We love to talk you up on social media, prior, during and after the market days. If you're not here to make some extra money, then you can join us for amazing networking & people meeting! Because our show is dramatically different than shows you may be familiar with, we want to be sure you understand exactly how our show works, and what will be required of you. Hence the lengthy application. Bear with us. It's worth it! And don't worry about any missing information. All of what you are about to read, will be thoroughly discussed in an official packet we give you if you are accepted.. and more info is tucked into our website under “indoor makers” and “outdoor makers”.

If you’re wondering how many people come through our doors throughout the show, we expect 4-5K each show! We can't thank you enough for applying and look forward to seeing your ideas come to life with us.

Our Mission with Applications

Our mission is to bring our customers the freshest goods so they can feel great about buying for themselves and gifting to everyone they love! We work to keep it the cool place to shop. We like keeping our market curated and approachable so you aren’t overwhelmed with too many options. We avoid having multiple shops with similar product. Customers and makers alike don’t like having seven jewelry shops at the same market and we’ve taken note! We also don't feature tired styles that we've seen a lot at craft shows.

While carefully reviewing applications, we will be selecting a few makers (maybe even just one!) within each category. For instance, if we get 15 applications from shops selling leather goods, we will choose 1 or 2 vendors in this category. It is tried and true - the best way to highlight our makers! Customers get bored and quickly shop through duplicate products from makers, rather than taking their time to take in each individual and unique shop. It also makes each vendor have a successful turnout! In additional, our selection is based on customer demand. Fresh & innovative, always!

When are booth fees due

Shop space fees are due no later than 36 hours of being accepted & invoiced. If you do not pay, we will give your space to another willing maker. We always have a waitlist of makers that we are eager to offer space to! See above for pricing for inside & outside maker shop spaces. Because we offer so many different types of spaces, note the variations in pricing options! The inside space is register/retail style so you will not physically stand at your space to sell. Customers shop with a basket provided by Mermade and check out with our team at one exit point. For the outside market space, you are right there - farmers market style - and you collect 100% of your sales via your preferred payment methods.

How long are applications open

They are only open for 14 full days. Once they’re closed, they remain closed until the following show. We get an abundance of amazing makers and the review process starts the moment applications open. By day 15, we have a pretty good idea of what makers have made the cut and the official acceptance process starts soon after.

What happens if I'm not accepted

Because we get hundreds applications, we can only accept a certain number for our specific vibe and market size. There may be multiple reasons we may not choose you for this particular market: there may not be enough space or you’re a veteran maker and we gotta let someone else give Mermade a try! Perhaps your product doesn’t quite fit with our aesthetic & our customer’s style or your brand isn’t fully solidified yet. We do take into consideration at your social media presence/vibe and website. If you’ve been selling at markets for years and do really well, but might be lacking beautiful pictures and a strong online presence to show it, we highly advise you brush up on it all before you submit an application.

Please look at non-acceptance as a chance to learn, grow, and move forward. There’s always the possibly to try again in the future! We love growth and especially love when we see makers re-apply with a stronger brand and product in the future. It can always be looked at as part of the process of owning a business, as motivation to get grow! Our standards are high and our vision - very curated and precise. Our biggest goal is to bring the very best products to our customers and for our fantastic makers to have their shop showcased amongst other equally amazing makers. If you have a question about why you weren’t approved and are open to feedback, we would love to chat with you!

If I'm a food vendor do I need a permit

YES. The Health Department requires us to gather applications & fees from each maker. Click this link to see what it will entail. You will print & mail your application to us and we will turn it in for you in Santa Ana. We can deliver your application directly & part of your space fee is your health department fee. (ie. $66 for the prepackaged food, $127 for open food permit). Deadline for submitting this permit will be enclosed in your application. Note, there are shared kitchens if you search in your area! Sometimes local shops/restaurants will let you use their kitchen, info, and address. Just check in with your local restaurant owners!

If you are making your food at home and not using a commercial kitchen, you need a “cottage” food license. Here is the link for Orange County: You must get your cottage license on your own, as it sets you up for one year of use and you will be able to do many events with this license.

Inside merchants - when do I get paid

We send your payment 7-10 days after the last date of market with a detailed sales report.

Want to promote your business

Want to promote your business by offering a free activity during the show? Click here to apply!

Merchant Application Waitlist

Spring Show. May 3-5, 2024