We created a little lookbook to send to our 2022 makers to get inspiration for their upcoming displays. Here’ some of the pictures we sent!
We love the use of the peg board & hanger creativity. It’s a small space (only 4 feet wide) and look how big she made it!
Another 3x4 space used very well. Instead of just laying her bags on a table, she made her table into shelving and kept them organized with their own sizes. Super creative!
We love the dimensions we see here. So many different ways and layers to hold her beautiful products. The cut up grapefruit & shelving is a nice touch.
Such a creative way to hold jewelry & light it up in a small unattended space. Multiple lights clipped to the planks of wood with shelving for dimension.
Two great displays. Both 3x6 spaces.
Another look at the great jewelry set up.
Love the use of a simple peg board & hooks to display her bags. And cute baskets on top of the table.
LIGHT IT UP! Light up your space & your products to draw in the people!
Love love the beautiful display that is this shelf. It’s super simple & was just to hold jewelry.
Love LOVE the eucalyptus frame the shop space here. It’s the real deal and so beautiful!
Love love the layers of the garlands, the canvas sign & good use of display her products.