Outdoor Merchant Lookbook

Our merchant tents are the bomb! They're 6.5 x 6.5 feet so that we can still fit inside the Ocean Institute with ease. We also find that people with 10x10 tents have a hard time making every single inch intentional because it is quite large. Most makers that get the assignment of making their space creative & unique.. find that they go to other shows with their original tents & wish they had a smaller one. It helps curate your space and truly think of every inch you use!

Below you will find the bold words we use to describe each image and why we think their space stood out from the others. Each one has something to inspire you & make your space with us phenomenal!

Required: a BACKDROP! If not all three sides, for sure the very back of your space so it doesn't distract our customers from focusing on YOUR shop, not your neighbors or what's happening behind them.

Also remember, it does get windy out there and we are right on top of the ocean. Like walk 10 feet and you are swimming with dolphins. Remember this when displaying your products & bring duct tape to literally bubble tape your cutie displays down. We will have sandbags for each and every merchant.


She used every inch of her 6.5 feet allotted space but customers were still able to walk around and shop INSIDE of it and it felt airy and inviting.


We loved that her display went basically to the max height it could go because it felt intentional and she took her assignment seriously. Her pillows stayed off the floor and were well displayed and SEEN!


This walk-in space was so dreamy with all the holiday spirit. Notice her cute little register table she sat behind but had a high stool so she wasn't committed to hiding behind it while customers shopped. If you find out you have a corner or have a little bit of space around you, feel free to talk with Hillary or a team member about going outside your 6.5 feet. We still want to make sure our customers can WALK and move their strollers/wheel chairs around with ease.


We love to see the tiny details that make a space what it is. Fresh florals, mirrors that align well with the product (notice the brass details..) the risers, the tiny succulent. She crushed it!


Notice how she's not hiding behind her space? Or has a big table blocking her from the walking by customers? Pretty sure she also moved this chair for the maker picture, the chair was on the side a bit, but she is inviting her customers to come in with her big vertical peg board wall. To touch, and feel everything. She has a rack on the side that goes with her theme of cotton macrame. She filled almost the entire back of the 6.5 feet with the wood wall! Epic!


This maker was a delight! He made great sales & also made friends! He was demo'ing his s'more sticks and selling them at the same time!


This beautiful display knocked it out of the park. This is just a tiny part of it! She had every scent of candle displayed there to smell and the rest of her stock behind it. She interacted with each and every customer.


She used her products as a way to help her space feel elevated. As they would sell she would replenish. This pegboard was on the corner of her space and helped invite people to see what else she had.

Secret garden

We LOVED the display of the eucalyptus along the corner of the front of this. Realllyyyyy made people curious and felt like a fort inside there with the cute twinkle lights set up. She did a stellar job!


To say we are obsessed with this banner is quite the understatement! It's timeless, effortless & takes over the entire back of it so shoppers focus their attention on what really matters..her product.


This shop space felt organized & intentional. Each basket had it's own category with the price tag next to the name of the product ..ie. Medium -16, Large-18... So shoppers could shop with ease without needing to ask the maker how much things are! The holiday garland helps keep it cozy and could easily become a spring garland!


This shop space felt collected and thought through. Every inch was accounted for but shoppers could still walk in and feel apart of it. Enveloped by it perhaps. She always knocks it out of the park! On the side she was making wreaths right on site! This can be done if you get the right spot!


This maker booked out TWO tents so she would be able to sell her furniture with ease. She had it open & ready for customers to walk in. It helped that she enjoyed talking to each & every one of them!


She was selling her grazing boards and wanted to lay out all the ideas of foods she offers here on this beautiful table. Her backdrop was massive dried palms & her simple circular sign that was handmade. She crushed it! She used risers & dried florals & all the things to help inspire the customer during the next time they host. She's inspiring! This is also Hillary, before she started working at Mermade! Shes so talented! (if you want to order..get it here! )

SIMPLE & modern

She didnt have one table in her tent! All about the shelving here & it was simple & perfect. Made your decision of which mug you wanted to buy much easier.


She could have easily had those racks that we all see at all the markets. She instead, made (or bought) this gorgeous folding wall to display her hats & didn't fill her space with EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT she had which can be tempting to do. Less is most definitely more!


Instead of having her blankets folded on a table, she created these gorgeous knots for display. Loved it so much! Think outside the box!


The ideal look for that evening sunset time that you all will have! Even if it's the last 90 minutes of the selling day. Saturday will be open until 8pm! Don't forget those lights & extension cords, folks! This spot is from our old location.