Everyone, meet Laurel from Laurel Grace Studios!!! She is a freelance illustrator & graphic designer! We’re lucky to get to know her better and she sounds hilarious. She will be outside on Friday near the side entrance of the inside shopping area! So make sure to go say hi and fist pump her if you have some things in common with her. She loves Mexican food… ok great we all have something in common with her! :) She truly enjoys the process of MAKING which I know a lot of us can relate to as well. Besides prints & graphics, she does MURALS! How rad!

*She is a published author and a mother of two but have always kept her toes in her creative life. She believes her kids will be the richer for it.

*She was a victim of the 2005 Bluebird Canyon Landslide in Laguna Beach. Perseverance shows up in her work quite often. She’s been through some things....

*She firmly believes in her favorite hashtag.... Don't Quit Your Daydream!

*She is the Co-President on the board of an organization called the Sawdust Art Enrichment Fund. They bring art education to the underserved in our local OC communities. Their programs have touched military families, the elderly, at risk youth, and the disadvantaged.

*She is on the Dana Outrigger Canoe Club team. She took a break off of racing this past season due to an injury but she absolutely LOVES the invigorating excitement of outrigger paddling! Have you heard of a crazy race that goes from Newport Beach to Catalina? She’s done that....TWICE! The team Ohana, the badass female connections, and the physical challenge keep her coming back every year!

My newest series is a collection of lino block prints. I'm new to the medium and I'm having a great time exploring it. The images currently include sweet otters, loving swallows, whales and thistles to name a few.


What lead you to creating your company? And what gave you the final push to jump in and start a brand?

I've been drawing and painting my whole life. I attended Art Center College of Design and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. I've been self-employed ever since doing freelance illustration, editorial work, graphic design, murals, and my own personal projects. Creating is a core part of me and it's a joy to share myself with the public.

What's some of the best advice you've been given, something that inspired you or kept you motivated to keep going?

We get only one life. Live it authentically.

How do you stay inspired for each new piece?

I jot down ideas for future projects as they come to mind and then I refer to my list when I need direction. My inspiration comes from many places but ultimately I wish to use my work to enlighten people, bring them joy, or connect with them one flawed human to another...I'm always hoping to inspire the public to live and love authentically. I also love trying new mediums, sometimes it lightens the stress load to try something you don't expect to be perfect at...so sometimes the process of making drives the inspiration. My new work in lino block prints and I'm enjoying learning and mastering printmaking

What is your most-loved step creating your masterpieces???

I love coming up with creative ideas but the most important step in creating a successful piece is perfecting a concept with a well thought out drawing. You can't have a good finished piece unless you begin with a good idea....and a good drawing to illustrate your idea.

How often do you release new pieces?

I release pieces as fast as I can. Being a one-woman business it's sometimes hard to keep up with just the business of having a business. I also work in many mediums. I'm constantly juggling the act of reproducing work I've already created, creating new work, and getting everything in front of eyes at galleries and shows. I wish I could work faster and drop new pieces more frequently but I certainly give it my all.


Describe your #laurelgracestudios customer..

My clients are first drawn by an image that interests them, and when they take a moment to realize that each piece has a story to tell, they thoughtfully peruse all of my offerings. My customers are taken by the messages in my art. These people are soulful and kind.

What's your favorite part of the process?

My favorite part is when I truly believe I have done my original concept justice.

Tell us something unique about your story. We want to know more about you!

I once did murals at the home of Michelle Pfeiffer. I was 22 years old and had started my own business doing murals in Los Angeles. I'm proud of myself and my boldness during that stage of my youth.

*My largest mural was 6'x18' and is in the neonatal intensive care unit of Evergreen Hospital just outside of Seattle.


Current series/binge watching: Too embarrassed to say but bachelorettes are involved.....

Fueled by (drink): Water...water...water

Fave Restaurant: el Adobe is pretty damn good!

One bucket list item: Swim the Cenotes

Current fave online shop: Anything wedding (as I'm planning mine)

Guilty pleasure: Adventure...let's Goooooo

What did you want to be when you grew up? ARTIST!!!! and here I am living my dream....

Currently jamming to (song): Anything Foo Fighters....

Best night in: chilling with my kitties and fiance

Best night out: dancing to live music...Ohana Festival, Punk in the Park, or live 80's/90's alternative bands...and I love a good Yacht Rock cover band.

Go to skincare product: Witch Hazel

Favorite color in the crayon box: but I love them all.....

You in one word: Honeybadger

Go find her at:





She will be exhibiting at the Sawdust Art Festivals Winter Fantasy that begins 11/19 and runs for 5 weekends.