We are thrilled to be showcasing Taylor from TRBO!!! She is an artist, born & raised! She gravitates towards sun and water… the two best things in life, no? She’ll be with us at our next show, May 24 Wednesday, and May 25 Thursday, outside so make sure you give her a hello!!! She’ll be selling her watercolor print originals, tees, totes & more!



What is the most surprising/best part about being a business owner in the "artist/shop small" space ? 

I think the best parts about having a small business are the connections I get to make and the stories I get to hear. My brand is all about appreciating the magic of women and the magic of the ocean, so needless to say, the people that are drawn into my space are all so special. When I am working events like Mermade, I get the full spectrum of emotion from customers-- some come in crying about how my art moves them and some are laughing about how relatable the title "SOME CALL IT SALT WATER, WE CALL IT HOLY WATER." is to their life. I am so appreciative of all the love, support and personal stories that are shared with me in conjunction with my artwork.


How do you stay inspired for each new piece?

I stay inspired by continuing to surf! There are always waves to catch (thank God!) and there is always a new angle to approach in terms of postures, layouts and compositions. I also stay inspired by continuing to learn and listen to how the ocean changes peopleʻs lives. As I create more, the more hearts I get to reach, and the more people share with me. I love hearing about the different emotions each person feels from certain pieces of the body of work. 


What is your most-loved step creating your masterpieces??

Field research!!! Plus connecting with other “waterwomen” and hearing their stories.

What's your favorite part of the process? 

For this body of work, my favorite part of the creation process is using the element of salt as the watercolor is drying. I have painted the entire series of over 80 pieces on the island of Oʻahu, so depending on the day and the humidity, the salt has a completely different reaction to the saturation of the blue. Every time. Which used to bug me but I really leaned into letting the magic happen at its own pace and time. Trying to control that was like trying to control the tide!


I used to hate watercolor, almost my whole life! My grandma was an incredible artist with a very delicate style. When she passed, I got all of her paints, markers and supplies. Honestly, I thought what a waste, Im never going to touch those. Even when I was planning out this body of work, I wanted to do illustrations in pencil or charcoal. I actually did the first original 4 pieces in charcoal but it just wasnt working the way I envisioned it to. I needed the fluidity and depth of actual water to do the ocean some justice! With lots of trial and error I leaned into using the medium, now were friends :) 

 Fueled by (drink): mushroom coffee!! with coconut milk!

 Fave Restaurant: Anywhere with gluten free bread

 One bucket list item: Surf on the coast of Ireland 

 Current fave online shop: https://www.danikawaiistudios.com/ !!!! 

 Guilty pleasure: Ice cream for sure

 What did you want to be when you grew up? i used to say a nail lady! 

 Currently jamming to (song): Always be my baby Mariah Carey

 Best night in: Drawing

 Best night out: A yummy dinner and back home asleep by 10pm 

 Go to skincare product: acne stars! i liked them before they were cool :)

 Favorite color in the crayon box: how can i pick just one!!?!?? 

 You in one word: again, how can i pick just one!!?!??!!!!!