What’s your story? When and how was HVF started?

The story of Hemp Valley Farm begins with three surfers from San Clemente, CA, whose love for the ocean fostered a deep respect for Mother Nature. This philosophy is at the core of our approach to building the company culture. We have spent the last 15 years building a successful organic fertilizer company called "Organics Alive" that specializes in regenerative and earth-friendly approaches to cannabis and hemp farming. Through our work with Organics Alive, we developed a passion for hemp farming and a deep understanding of how to cultivate high-quality, organic hemp that is sustainable and environmentally responsible. This commitment to organic farming practices is reflected in the exceptional quality of our products and is a testament to our dedication to building a sustainable and ethical business.

What makes HVF stand out from the other brands? Hemp Valley Farm is a fully vertically integrated company that controls every aspect of our products' production. From seed to shelf, all Hemp Valley Farm products are made on our 130-acre farm in San Diego. We grow high-grade hemp flower organically and use careful hand-harvesting techniques to preserve the essential resin glands that contain CBD and other important medicinal molecules.Unlike many other companies that prioritize volume over quality, Hemp Valley Farm takes a different approach. Rather than quickly drying our hemp in large, open barns to increase production, Hemp Valley Farm carefully cures its hemp in temperature-controlled and pitch-black greenhouses. This method allows the sugars to fully convert into an array of cannabinoids that work together to bring about the plant's healing properties. Much like a fine wine, the curing process for Hemp Valley Farm's hemp is a critical step in creating a high-quality end product. What are the steps HVF takes to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly company?

The elephant in every room now- a - days… are you sustainable? Hemp Valley Farm's commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our farming process. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals of any kind are used anywhere on the farm. Instead, we use cover crops to keep the soil full of microbial life, increase its ability to hold water, capture runoff, and prevent topsoil erosion. The use of a diverse cover crop helps reduce or eliminate insects from harming the hemp crops, ensuring the purity of the final product. Hemp Valley Farm operates off-grid and uses solar power to power their operations. Additionally, the company draws fresh artesian well water directly from an aquifer over 700 feet below their farm, using it sparingly and with intention to minimize their water usage. This approach ensures that the land is treated with respect, the environment is protected, and the community benefits from their sustainable practices.

Where can we find you when you’re not at Mermade??? We officially opened our San Clemente store in 2022. We are located at 915 Calle Amanacer Suite F, Just a few doors down from Artifex Brewery. We have an online store www.hempvalleyfarmcbd.com where everyone can get more information about the farm and our products. Also our instagram!