A first for us, we are showcasing a toe sock at Mermade Market! They will be inside our shopping area, near the middle and towards the back wall so make sure you keep an eye out for them! We interviewed Colleen, owner & creator of Ro & Arrows for today’s meet the maker. She is local to Mission Viejo, Ca and has clients inside the studio working hard on their feet with their beautiful socks. They release & offer new products twice a year! As they continue to grow, they will be releasing more seasonal products as well.

What lead you to creating your company? What gave you the final push to jump in and start a brand?

I have a background in creating products for athletes. When I saw my pilates clients struggling to put on their toe socks, it was a no brainer that I wanted to provide them with a better option. Busy moms, bad ass career women, and studio athlete enthusiasts deserve to have a grip sock that is effortless to slip on, and still provides function and fashion.

What keeps you motivated to keep going?

Success doesn't come over night. As an entrepreneur it is important that sometimes you have to fail before you succeed. Don't let the little failures get in the way of your overall success. Use them as lessons along the way.

What is the most surprising/best part about being a business owner?

The relationships I have made with studio owners and our die hard clients. When someone geeks out on how rad our socks are....that makes this journey all worth it.

How do you stay inspired for each new collection?

I love fashion. I have 16 years in the industry. Because I am connected and always staying in touch with textile, color and design trends.. it's easy for me apply my love of fashion to my line.

What is your most loved step in creating your socks for Pilates?

I can't say there is one specific step I love the most I love the end product and the entire product process. I created my socks for a purpose. Providing people with an elevated product that's also fun is what makes owning Ro & Arrows so awesome.

If you find yourself needing some socks, hit em up on Instagram & get social with them!!!!

What is your current sock & why? Why are yours "The New" Toe sock?

Our current sock is a patented split toe exercise sock. There is no other sock on the market like it. We were intentional with every aspect of our socks yarn, patterning and silicone grip. Take that level of attention to performance and pair it with our passion for fun & fashion & you get a sock that stands out from the rest.

Random, rapid fire round!

Current series: Reading anything by Colleen Hoover

Fueled by (drink): Coffee

Fave Restaurant: any Thai food

One bucket list item: Taking my mom to Africa

Current fave Online shop: Revolve

Guilty pleasure: Vintage shopping

What did you want to be when you grew up? Vetreinarian

Currently Jamming to: Khraungbin

Best night in: Cooking dinner with my family & playing games with the kids

Best night out: Live music or a comedy show

Go to skin care product: Dove Face Bar

Favorite color in the crayon box: Any monochromatic blue scheme

You in one word: Alive