Everyone, meet the beautiful Alivia Rasmussen of Teddy Hartford! She is an inside maker (first time) during our May 3-5, 2024 show! We cannot wait to showcase her beautiful children's clothing line!! Spot her instagram here and website here!

What lead you to creating your company? And what gave you the final push to jump in and start a brand?

At the time I started Teddy Hartford, I was a stay-at-home-mom with two toddlers and had just moved to Southern California. Every day we were so inspired to explore new beaches, break out our sand toys, and spend time in the sun. At night, when the kids were asleep, I found myself (even before the move) obsessing over traditional east coast homes on Zillow while also reading novels about Nantucket. My stroke of inspiration was the catalyst for building a brand that embodied the life I was living and the life I was captivated by - blending the essence of childhood innocence, timeless East Coast style, and the charm of coastal living.

How do you stay inspired for each new collection?

Living in Southern California, it’s not hard to be inspired by the coastal charm. I am also constantly inspired by Elin Hilderbrand, who describes Nantucket in the most idyllic language in her novels. The blend of these two words is at the heart of what Teddy Hartford represents aesthetically. 

What's some of the best advice you've been given, something that inspired you or kept you motivated to keep going?

As a first-time entrepreneur, it can be really overwhelming to think about all that has to be done just to get started. The best advice I received was to start with one task. By tackling each task one at a time, the load felt more manageable and looking back, I am so proud of all that I accomplished. 

Q: How often do you release new product? 

A: Each season we release our favorite pieces from a handful of our favorite designers and brands. Everything is curated by me to ensure it meets the standard that our customers are looking for.

Fun Facts about Alivia: 
 You in one word: Mommy 
 Fueled by (drink): Tea
 Fave Restaurant: The Rotunda in San Francisco
 One bucket list item: Norway
 Current fave online shop: Tuckernuck
 Guilty pleasure: Coffee ice cream
 What did you want to be when you grew up? Classy
 Currently jamming to (song): Good Thing Going On by Mat Kearney
 Best night in: Sleepytime tea, cozy blanket, Netflix with my husband, Sam 
 Best night out: Cooking class date night
 Go to skincare product: Supergoop Glowscreen
 Favorite color in the crayon box: At the moment, it’s hydrangea blue
 Current series/binge watching: One Day
 Favorite season: Spring and Summer!